Bon Aprontit: Spring/Summer Collection

It’s here, it’s here! The Spring/Summer Bon Aprontit collection is here and not even all of it is live yet, there’s still another surprise to come!  But for now, I’m jumping for joy! ^ See that’s me jumping for joy!! We have so many exciting things to share and can’t thank everyone enough for their feedback to make this collection

Bon Business 101: The Truths About Starting a Business

Hi there, Megan here. Remember me? Don’t worry I don’t blame you if not. I apologize for the MIA lately, seems to be a regular thing these days but I promise you it’s for good reason.  In just another week or so, I will finally be able to share with you the Spring/ Summer Bon Aprontit collection and trust me when

7 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

All I’m saying is it’s Friday.  This post involves champagne and photos from a fun Valentine’s celebration. And it’s totally worth the three minute read, especially if you’re still looking for the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day next week. Each year I try to surprise Steve with little things such as notes hidden for him to find throughout the day,

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake Balls

Did someone say chocolate covered strawberries? Can’t believe Valentine’s Day is already almost here and Steve and I’s 7 year anniversary (but really, where has the time gone?). Steve and I’s first Valentine’s Day together we thought we’d be fancy teenagers and go to melting pot for dinner and dessert. Now believe it or not, Steve was not a dessert