4 Ways to Revamp Your Space for Less


Truth: I have completely fallen behind on the blog due to having no time.

Second truth: I spent four hours on Zillow the other day fantasizing about all the fixer upper homes nearby and how I would fix them up and revamp them.

Yup, see. I have no time.

To be honest though, I have been quite busy lately on so many exciting things so starting next week I’m going to start sharing some fun “life lately” posts to keep everyone up to speed on what’s going on, including myself as I can’t seem to catch up on anything these days…except my dream home binge sessions. 

Now on to these dream homes. No, we’re not moving. I mean I wish we were as we’re busting at the seams here between Steve, Rosie, myself and my mini apron factory I run out of my bedroom/kitchen. But with a pup that got a new hip this summer and a wedding next June (ekk getting closer!) we’re going to stay put where we are for a little and I’m quite alright with it because I love this little home of ours.

However, after countless hours scrolling through Zillow and Pinterest I put on my Chip and Joanana thinking cap and came up with a few fun ways to revamp our space. So I got to fill my interior design void and add a refreshing new touch to the place without the hassle and costs of a full move.

At Home

Plus, I finally got to finish the gallery wall thanks to a little help from my favorite online print shop, Minted. Check out what prints I picked and some fun tips on how to revamp your space for less below.

Minted Art

4 Ways to Revamp Your Space for Less

Change out all your pictures. 

The easiest and my personal favorite way to revamp a space is to change out all your picture frames. For me, I completely redid our stacked gallery wall with some beautiful new prints by Minted using their Personal Styling Service, which if you’re any where near as indecisive as I am then this service is a must! I have been eyeing some of their prints for months but was having a hard time pulling the trigger on which ones would look good together so thank god for the styling service who helped me pull these fun prints together and push me a little out of my comfort zone with art. The mix of blues and blacks with a pop of color here and there really transformed the whole room and I have to say, I’m kind of obsessed with how it turned out!

Revamp Your Space for Less

Hang and place things you already own.

You are already storing it somewhere in your house, so why not use it? That old frame you tucked away or those books you have stuffed in a drawer, pull them out and utilize them in the space in a new and fun way. Stack your books on your coffee table for decor and print out a cute sign for your frame. For me I found this “herb” sign in our storage unit when switching out my spring closet the other day. It came with the two signs that are hung above the kitchen table but at the time I didn’t see a need to hang a third. After looking at this oddly small but large wall in the kitchen I decided something needed to go there and why not use something I already have. Plus, it only makes sense to hang an herb sign in a kitchen, right?Revamp for Less

Switch up patterns. 

If you can’t tell already from my rug, accent chair and gallery wall, I LOVE patterns! I love to mix and match them, add fun and different ones here and there and best of all they can completely transform a space. For a fun change in our kitchen, I replaced our old navy and white curtains (I secretly always hated them so was not sad to see them go) with these pin stripe gray and white ones that I am kicking myself for not buying earlier because they completely brighten up the room! Kitchen

Reorganize and rearrange rooms. 

Organizing should be considered my hobby because I have to say, I am a big fan of it. Especially when it includes re-organzing a space! A simple and easy trick for adding a little refresh to a space, is re-organzing and re-arranging items. For this space, I had beautiful cookbooks hidden in the shelves under the bench seats that were needing to be showcased so I used an old vase to put my kitchen utensils in and use as a book end while I placed my cookbooks on the counter to be showcased and add a pop of color to the kitchen. It’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.Revamp Your Space for Less

Looking to revamp and re-do your space? What little decor tricks do you find helpful?

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