The Big Announcement!

big announcement


Seems like yesterday, I wrote in my planner “start your own company” (yes, I actually used to write that in my planner in college…) and today is finally the day! 

I’ve always wanted to find a way to combine my two favorite things, cooking and party hostessing, into one business opportunity. So about two years ago, I came up with an idea to start my own apron company. I would watch my mom throw these fancy holiday dinner parties where she would cook a full spread of food and welcome guests as they arrived with an oven mitt still on her hand and a dirty old apron covering her beautiful party dress. I remember wishing she could wear her fabulous dress without worrying about the mess and that’s when Bon Aprontit was born.

Of course just like everyone else, I thought of this idea and then had zero clue where to even begin with executing. For a few months my mom and I tried to make them on our own with her old sewing machine, but had no luck getting them to look like my vision. So that’s when I decided to reach out for help. (Key Lesson: You’ll never be able to do everything on your own so don’t be afraid to ask for help). So I pulled my resources together contacted some of the amazingly talented people I have met, starting with a client of mine who I connected with at a photoshoot for my day job. I asked if she could meet for coffee, non-work related. I explained my vision and realize now I sounded like a complete airhead as I had no idea the details and science (yes, designing is totally a science) that went into creating a dress.

What kind of fabric do you want? Is it machine washable? How many pleats? What style/size pleats? Do you want it lined? What type of stitching? How low will the neckline be? What pattern will the beads be? How many inches do you want the skirt? …the list goes on.

So with a little help from my now dear friend, Julie at Mira Couture, who helped me design my first sample and taught me everything I know about apron/dress designing, a former intern, Annie, who worked with me countless hours and through multiple rebrand and name changes to create my logo and marketing materials, a few local business friends who opened my eyes and gave me their honest feedback and advice, Jennifer from Stitch Method who mentored me through the entire logistics of how to start a company, Brianne who created my 2nd and 3rd sample because I wanted to make sure every detail was perfect, Steve who’s kept the secret for over 2 years, helped fund the first sample to get me started and been my rock when I thought “it was just an idea”  and last but not least, to my mom (and dad) who inspired me with the idea and encouraged me along the way:)

Without all of these people none of this would be possible so without further ado…..

bon aprontit

drumroll please…

I introduce to you: Bon Aprontit, a line of luxury, jewell embellished aprons to help women feel fabulous even when in the kitchen!

The perfect apron for the dinner party hostess, the bride-to-be, the new homeowner, Mother’s Day gift or woman who isn’t afraid to do the dirty work in the kitchen but still wants to look fabulous! These aprons are not your typical cooking apron..oh no. These aprons are designed to look and feel like a formal party dress. Plus did I mention all of their amazing features?!

  • Matte Satin finish to give the perfect shine.
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle.
  • Wrinkle-free when hung to dry.
  • Adjustable top with 3 snaps to fit every chest size.
  • Pre-tied bow on back of neck so you have the perfect bow every time.
  • Hand beaded jeweled neckline so you never have to worry about loosing a jewel in the wash.
  • Water stain resistant, so go ahead and refill your guest’s drinking glasses.
  • Fully lined inside just a like beautiful party dress!

Cooking up the perfect meal never looked so good;)

bon aprontit

I am over the moon excited about this new venture in my life and will continue to blog as I absolutely love being able to share things on here with everyone. Although, I will be cutting back on posts (as I’m sure you have noticed over the past few months) to focus on the aprons at this time, l will also be refocusing and rebranding my blog to coincide perfectly with more recipes, tips on life/hostessing and entertaining ideas! More details on that to come next week.

In the meantime, grab your champagne (hey, it’s almost Friday anyways) and celebrate with me as I toast (literally drinking a mimosa at 6am right now) to Bon Aprontit and my official pre-sale launch! All items are currently available for pre-order to receive late November, just in time for the holidays!

Go check us out here!

bon aprontit bon aprontit Special thanks to the amazing people who helped make this photoshoot come to life: BRIQUE for the beautiful space, Aimee Mazzenga for the beautiful photography and Fresh Thyme for the delicious bites to style (..and later eat;))!

13 thoughts on “The Big Announcement!

  1. Jess Zimlich

    Megan, this is amazing!! How incredibly exciting for you! I also want to say, when I saw the first photo, I thought the apron was part of your outfit….so needless to say, they look amazing 🙂 Cheers to you and all of your hard work coming to fruition!

  2. Stacy Lerner

    This is amazing and when can I put in my orders?! I love the concept and think this would be the perfect gift (for myself included). So excited for you!

  3. Lephan


    This is incredible; congratulations!!! I loved reading about all the support you received when creating this apron line! You’re such an inspiration and I’m so excited for your new venture! The aprons are also beyond adorable!! Chin Chin, my dear!


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