Wrap Dresses and Weekends

Shein Wrap DressDress: She In / Sandals: Dune London / Clutch: old but similar here

Can we go back to the long weekend vibes when we were all “I’ll worry about that issue when back in the office on Tuesday”. Instead of “oh shoot, it’s Tuesday and my inbox is in the three digit zone”.

If only there was an alarm that sent bounce back e-mails to people once your inbox hits 100. “Hello! You have reached the inbox of Megan, I am currently swimming in e-mails and will get back to you once they send the rescue boat. Thank you and hope you have a lovely weekend.”

I mean maybe it’s the warm weather or this little pup that has been getting me outside even more than usual but this past weekend was a total “I’m going to let my hair down and ignore all my e-mails” kind of weekend. Am I right or am I right?

Yeah, you know I’m right.

Those weekends always sounds like the best plan on Fridays and then Monday rolls around and we’re running around like a headless chicken with an e-mail traffic jam flooding our inbox.

Uhm hi, my name is Megan and I’m looking for a professional e-mail answerer. Anyone for hire?

Summer Dress

E-mail overload or not, this past weekend was the perfect start to the summer season. Warm weather, backyard bbqs and finally being able to pull out those light summer dresses. On Saturday I attended a beautiful baby shower for one of Steve and I’s dear friend and wore this dress which was perfect for the occasion. I dresses it up with some fun jewel studded gold sandals and a little black clutch.

Shein Wrap Dress Shein Wrap DressSummer Dress Summer Weekends

Anyone else not ready for the weekend to end? What are your go-to summer dresses?

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