Egg-cellent Ice Cream DIY

easter egg diy

I scream, you scream, we all scream for egg ice cream…or maybe real ice cream, but you get the idea.

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. You get to paint and decorate eggs like a kid in preschool playing with finger paints and then you get to wake up and eat candy before 10am because it’s in your Easter basket and it would be rude not to open your presents aka the bag of peanut m&ms you got.

Yup, 24 going on 7 over here.

While I am a bit of a child at heart, I think there is no age limit when it comes to ice cream. So of course, it only seemed logical to combine one of my favorite holiday traditions of dyeing eggs with an extra sweet spin. I’m talking a triple scoop, napoleon ice cream with sprinkles spin and well hey, let’s just say there are no complaints here. The best part is, this ice cream is sugar-free;)

But CAUTION: Peel before licking.

easter egg diy easter egg diyeaster egg diyeaster egg diy



-hard boiled eggs

-acrylic paints (color variations depending on preferred flavor and sprinkle colors)

-sugar cones


Step 1: Using your ice cream flavor colors one at a time, mix 1 tablespoon of each color with 1/4 teaspoon water to thin the paint to use as the base coat. Using a paintbrush to cover the eggs with one solid coat of the preferred flavor color and allow to dry completely before applying a second base coat.

Step 2: Once both coats are dry, take a q-tip and cut it in half. Using the cut side (non-cotton ball side) dip the q-tip in the preferred sprinkle colored paints and draw short lines all over the eggs to create the sprinkles.

Step 3: Allow to completely dry and then gently, lay the egg inside of a sugar cone.

easter egg diy  

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