Bon Aprontit Turns 1 + Big News!

Wait, did someone say 1?

Holy moly, I can’t believe it’s been one year since I launched Bon Aprontit! It seems like yesterday I was sitting in front of my laptop at 2 am (currently doing the same so guess not much has changed) waiting to hit the button for the site to go live!

This past year has had many ups and downs as my first year in business. Let’s start with the downs to get them over with. Running a business single handily while have a full time 50-60 hour week job is definitely no walk in the park. I have pulled many all nighters, hit more bumps in the road than I can count on one hand and experienced lots of live and learn moments followed by phone calls to my mom and dad for help. You know what they say, parents always know best..even in business too. But with all the downs aside, this year has been quite an incredible year of highs including being featured on some of my favorite blogger’s websites such as Pizzazzarie, The Elgin Avenue, Lauren Kelp and many more as well as making it on and in some of my favorite magazines! On top of the press, I expanded the line with new styles and colors and have had the opportunity to do pop ups all over the city where I have had some of my favorite moments meeting the ladies behind the aprons in person because after all it’s the love and support from you guys that keeps me going during those all nighters! 

Now to the juicy stuff that you’ve all been waiting for. Because what’s a birthday party without a fun announcement, right?

After all the love and support you guys have shown me this past year I wanted to do something big to return the favor ssoo…after reading numerous comments, emails, suggestions at shows, etc. I am over the moon excited to tell you that Bon Aprontit will now offer patterned fabrics in a linen cotton canvas for those nights when you don’t want to pull out the satin;) Plus with new beaded necklines in black and white!

Oh wait, did I mention there’s more? 

After endless fabric research, vendor negotiating and number crunching until I thought my brain was going to explode I am over the moon excited to tell you that all Bon Aprontit apron PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED and you can now get your favorite beaded apron for $135!

Whew, ok that’s about it for the announcements but be sure to head over to the site to check out our newest aprons including some of the below!



Jasmine Tea

5 thoughts on “Bon Aprontit Turns 1 + Big News!

  1. Jess Zimlich

    Megan, you are incrediblle! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t know how you do it all (and do it all so well!). You are a huge inspiration to me and someone I truly look up to. I can’t wait to see what the next year of business brings for you. p/s The jasmine tea print is my favorite! Ah, so gorgeous. 🙂

    1. Megan | Blog Appetit Post author

      Aw thank you so much Jess, means the world to me to hear that and hey girl, you’re next;) Ah I know, mine too. Perfect for every occasion! Thanks again for all your sweet words and always being such an amazing friend!

  2. Janet Kowalczyk

    Well Sunshine, you did it again!!! Love the new line!!! Love “fruitcake” so fun!!! Congratulations on your 1st year Anniversary. Always knew you would be amazing. Your in your way to bigger things!! ❤️


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