Life Lately: August

September? Already?

The weeks just seem to be flying by lately and while normally I would talk about how busy, busy I have been and blah blah blah, instead I decided to start something new on the blog.

This blog started with only friends and family (hi mom and dad!) who were reading this to find out what I was up to in Chicago and life which then grew as I had more people ask about where I was eating, how I go my job/started my aprons, my favorite things to do in the city, etc.. With that being said to answer common questions and remind everyone I’m still human so recipe creating and party throwing is only about 40% (maybe 70%) of my life, I decided to start a “Life Lately” series. 

Once a month (since my life isn’t that exciting to share more often than that), I’ll share an update of what I have been up to that month including all things fun, new, exciting and everything in between.

Normally they’ll be short and sweet highlighting any good restaurants I went to, things I did or tried, updates on my aprons, wedding planning, etc. but this month was probably one of my favorites all summer so it’s worth the lengthy post;) Between Steve and I’s first wedding celebration, a trip to Charleston, turning 26 and a chance to come up for air at work, it was quite the jam packed month.

The cutest bridesmaids in town

The First Wedding Celebration

First and foremost, we kicked off the month with the most amazing wedding celebration, a little “Meet the Bridal Party” party. All of our wedding party and their dates joined us to kick off the wedding celebrations in the most perfect way. My amazing maid of honor with the help of my bridesmaids and the rest of the wedding party threw Steve and I a celebration we’ll never forget. I mean by the end we were both joking that it was such an amazing night we could get married tomorrow and call it done since it felt like the night before our wedding. From the adorable decor to the continuous laughs and one too many “cheers”, it was perfect and we had a blast capturing the moments on snapchat with the cutest WeddingWire Snapchat Geo-Filter. Wish I had discovered it when I was Maid of Honor, they collaborated with brands like Lilly Pulitzer, The Paper Source, The Black Tux and more to release exclusive (and customizable) Geo-Filter designs. So cute and sharing some of my favorites from the night below. Plus all the fun party photos by my dearest friend and amazing photographer Sam of Samantha Elizabeth Creative.


Engagement Photos

After a few times being rescheduled and some rain delay, we finally got to take our engagement photos and actually just got them back this week too! I’ll admit, I was quite nervous as I’m not one for being in front of the camera but Aimee Mazzenga did her magic and they turned out amazing! Plus, Steve and I had a blast taking them and laughed the entire time. I can’t wait to share them with you guys as I’ll admit, I can’t stop looking at them. When I say she killed it, I mean she KILLED it!

Turning 26

While this one technically falls under July, I wanted to put this in here because guys…I’m getting old. I know what some of you are probably saying who are in your 30s+, “girl, please” but it wasn’t until these past few months that I realized I actually have to start taking time for myself or I’m going to be gray haired and wrinkly before I’m 35. This means taking pamper nights to a whole new level since I actually need more than just a polish change these days, changing up my gym routine (we can’t have our 16 year old metabolism forever I guess), revamping my wardrobe (officially packed up all college t-shirts as I don’t think “beer olympics” shirts are really appropriate anymore) and treating myself to much needed pampering procedures as starting my day with coffee and ending it with red wine every night was starting to take a toll on my teeth that I didn’t even realize so last month I got my teeth professionally whitened and it was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. If you’re in the Chicago area, Chicago Dental Solutions did an amazing job and I’m already planning to go back again before my wedding. But with all that being said, I know 26 is going to be the best year of my life and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me besides that one thing next June, marrying my best friend;)

Day Job

I have to laugh as I get asked all the time if I still have my day job. While I would love to blog and sell aprons full time down the road, right now I have a lot to learn still about a business, managing people and my own work ethics so having my day job is still very important to me. Plus, I get to throw some pretty cool parties and meet some of the most talented people in the city through my Marketing/Event Planning job at the magazine. While I’m sure you have already noticed, hence the lack of posts and creativity, this summer we hit a major bump in the road at my day job where our team of six became a team of three which meant my already 50+ hour weeks became 60+ and while at first I panicked, threw a mini tantrum in my head and had a few minor heart attacks. I then took a step back and realized sometimes change is for the best: new ideas, new personalities/networks and new learning opportunities. Now while I won’t normally talk too much about my day job as I try to keep work and side hustles separate, I wanted to give this quick update because as of this month we are officially full staffed again so I am officially back here on the blog and working on some exciting new apron things! More on that to come.

Monthly Goal: Take time for family and friends

Another thing I started this summer was making monthly goals. I know, I know, what good can something do if you’re only doing it for a month? But they say you only have to do something repetitively for 3 weeks for it to stick so I figure why not try? Plus, it’s been a nice way for me to take a second to reflect on something that made me unhappy the month before and change it for the next. So between the wedding celebration back in my hometown, a visit to see Steve’s side of the family in Charleston and a visit from my grandparents, this month’s goal was to take time to enjoy the moments with family and friends. I can’t tell you how many times I grab quick drinks with friends and rush out right after to go to an event or am in my hometown for the weekend and don’t get time to stop by and see friends/family. So this month I soaked in every minute of being with loved ones and actually got a chance to sit down and have coffee with my grandparents the other weekend while we caught up for hours. No phone, no social media or emails, just me in my pjs on the deck drinking coffee with them and hearing about all their travels…makes me wish I could retire already.

Steve and I with my parents

My amazing party throwing Maid of Honor who made the evening possible

Love this shot of my mom and future mother-in-law!

The best wedding party crew EVER

That about sums up my last month of summer. What have you been up to? What are your thoughts on the new series? Anything you would like to see or questions you have?

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