Ways to Pay it Forward Today

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Maybe it’s just me but it seems like as of lately, I’m never shy of a reason to pop a bottle of champagne or throw on a beautiful gown. From standing by my best friend/future maid of honor’s side last weekend on her wedding day to attending local charity galas to help give back to the community, it seems like everywhere I turn a cork goes flying and bubbles start pouring.

And trust me when I say that I am not complaining.

Not one bit.

There’s nothing that makes me more happy than a celebration and especially one that gives back. Since launching Bon Aprontit, I have been presented with so many wonderful opportunities to help support local charities and businesses from donating aprons to a silent auction where proceeds benefitted a local charity to lending aprons for a local business’s 10th Anniversary party to help style their staff to look like the fabulous women they are. Each and every opportunity has been unique and each one has opened the door to another opportunity.

Now don’t worry this isn’t going to get all serious because well I’m not really a serious person but the other week when I loaned a local business one of my aprons for her photoshoot she thanked me and said “I will be sure to return the favor and pay it forward to someone else”. Now at the moment I didn’t 100% understood what she meant. Pay it forward? I thought I was just loaning her an apron? So I smiled and walked away.

The phrase stuck with me the rest of the day and I started thinking more and more about it. About the woman who loaned me her venue for me to do my first photoshoot, about the woman who loaned me her time and helped teach me how to design a product and so many other amazing people who “loaned” me their talents, products, etc. to help me chase my own dream and how I would not be here today if it wasn’t for them so I’m taking a little bit of different angle on this post then the original plan and sharing my top ways to Pay it Forward along with some photos from last month’s Junior League of Chicago Gala. Big or small, to a friend or a stranger, every little act of kindness can go a long way.

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Ways You Can Pay it Forward Today

Pay for the person behind you in line’s coffee.

Leave a note on your co-worker’s desk who has been having a rough week.

Loan a friend an item she’s been wanting of your’s but hasn’t bought yet.

Leave an extra tip at the restaurant for your waiter.

Make treats for the neighbor next door, for no reason.

If you have roommates, clean the house for them without asking for their help.

Let someone go in front of you at the store who only has a few items or is in a hurry.

Donate the clothes you were going to sell to a local thrift store.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

Purchase extra dog or cat food and donate it to a local animal shelter.

Foster a dog who’s in need of a home and some care.

Send your friend a text to remind them how much you mean to them. 

Has someone shown you a kind gesture this week? What are your favorite ways to pay it forward? 

2 thoughts on “Ways to Pay it Forward Today

  1. Sarah Lagen

    Well are you two the best looking couple!! I love this post Mega, it’s great to pay it forward and do something nice! I know this is really small but I had a free coupon for chips & guac at Chipolte and gave it to the person behind me! (I know, it’s really small!) But I love how much you are getting involved and giving back to the community!

    xo, Sarah

    1. Megan | Blog Appetit Post author

      You’re the sweetest Sarah, thank you! I LOVE that and I’m sure the person behind you did too;) That was so nice of you and it’s the littlest gestures that go a long way. Every little bit counts and who knows, maybe he/she continued the kind gesture:) Thanks for sharing and hope to see you soon!


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