3 Steps for the Perfect Holiday Card


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Seems like yesterday, Steve and I were waiting for Rosie to arrive and still trying to pick the perfect name. “Well it has to sound good on a Christmas card. “Love, Steve, Megan and…” I said. Steve just looked at me and laughed. Fast forward 5 months later and I think “Rosie” was the perfect name addition to our first family Christmas card:) 

Between getting engaged this past fall and adding a new addition to our home (aka “Rosie), this year seemed like the perfect year to do our first holiday Christmas card photo. 

After many bags of treats to get this one to sit still (no, I’m not talking about Steve;)) and frozen fingers and toes, I couldn’t be more happy with how the photos by Rose Photo turned out! Sharing a few simple and easy steps to knocking out your holiday cards this year. 


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3 Steps for the Perfect Holiday Card

Pick Your Card

I know most people think is the last step but this is actually the first. Choosing your card is (for me, at least) the longest part of the process so I always do this first so once I have the photos I can pop them right in and order. Also this will help you plan accordingly for the photoshoot (horizontal vs. vertical shot, white space for writing, color scheme, etc.). This year we ordered ours from Minted as they even pre-address them for you which makes the process so much easier once they arrive. A few of my other favorite places to order from are: Shutterfly, Paperless Post and Rose Photo will shoot and print them for you too!

Plan Your Photoshoot

My favorite part! Pull out all the festive wear, make some fun holiday props (or have an amazing photographer like Rose of Rose Photo bring a car to the shoot! I mean, how cool?) and bring lots of treats if you’re having a dog in your shoot. Plus, since you already picked your card you can focus on shooting one way to make sure it will fit your card perfectly. 

Order Your Cards, sign and send!

Once you receive your photos, pop them right in, add your addresses and place your order. While waiting for them to arrive make sure to swing by the Post Office and grab your stamps so when they arrive, you pop up your stamp, lick, seal and send!


Photography by: Rose Photo 

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