Chicago Guide: West Loop Dining

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Stilling looking for something to do this weekend? Well no need to make the dining plans, I’ve already got you covered.

One of my first internships in Chicago (yes, I’ve had many) was in the heart of the West Loop and being new to the city, I thought I was in another town. West Loop? I thought I moved to Chicago?

Yes, I was a newbie with a lot to learn about all the different neighborhoods.

But after only a few short months, I quickly fell in love with West Loop and now refer to it as Restaurant heaven. Take a walk up and down Randolph St and you’ll see what I mean;)

I’m rounding up my top picks to satisfy any food/drink craving in the West Loop below.

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Nellcôte: Grab the girls and your cocktail dress for a fancy morning feast at Nellcôte. Between the chandlers and french cuisine, this place is sure to be a go-to for brunch.

The Publican: Brunch outside the box. With a seafood inspired menu and to die for waffles, this is one you’ll definitely want to add to your weekend plans.

Bar Siena: So much to see and do in West Loop and so much to taste and try at Bar Siena. Love this place for a casual brunch while strolling up and down Randolph St or grabbing mimosas with the girls.

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The Allis: Pinkies up at The Allis. Perfect for a catching up with friends over tea or a mid-morning  snack to escape the hustle and bustle in this cozy brunch spot tucked inside Soho house.

Little Goat: Don’t even bother looking at the menu, just order what they recommend because you’re sure to never go wrong at Little Goat with one of Chef Stephanie Izard’s delicious and unique creations. 

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RM Champagne Salon: Did someone say champagne? Between the sparkling options and the creative cocktail concoctions, this spot is a must when grabbing drinks with the girls. Did I mention they have an outdoor patio too? 

Lone Wolf: Cozy, quaint and cocktail central is the best way to describe this old school saloon. With a big open bar and endless drink menu, this is a great pre-dinner stop.

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Nosh & Booze: A pop-up restaurant that serves boozy popsicle cocktails? Yes, please! Between the street fare and crack cocktails (including a whole line up of la croix cocktails) this new West Loop destination is a must try…and hurry before it’s gone.

Maude’s Liquor Bar: The perfect cocktail date night destination. Whether it’s a first date or the 30th, this French liquor bar is sure to set the tone for a romantic evening.

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Parlor Pizza: Call me a traitor as I live in Chicago, home of the deep dish, but love the hand tossed over at Parlor. I mean I may love it so much that I took every summer visitor there…Hey, that’s when you know it’s good pizza and not to mention the perfect atmosphere for summer outdoor dining. 

Sepia: Innovative, sophisticated and mouth watering are just a few words to the dining scene at Sepia. Perfect for a formal date night or to impress that out of town guest looking for a fancy night on the town.

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Au Cheval: A burger like no other burger. The menu seems short and sweet but the flavors that explode out of that one dish are nothing shy of short and sweet. The dark and warm atmosphere makes for the perfect tone while putting yourself in a deep, delicious food (burger) coma. Oh and be sure to get the egg on top!

Momotaro: Sushi on steroids. This fine dining Japanese restaurant will have your taste buds running wild with how much flavor they can roll into one bite. The modern atmosphere with open kitchen concept makes for the perfect after work dinner or date night out. 

What’s your favorite spot in West Loop? Any dining spots you can’t stop thinking about?



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  1. khaliah ferguson

    Yum, for drinks dont forget drumbar my absolute favorite and Parlor Pizza, yes has the best nachos. I know, nachos, really. I’ve never had Au Cheval but will definitely check it out, everyone loves that place. Thanks for the post.


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