The Proposal

Wait…I have a fiancé? Get out of town. 

Yup, still pinching myself over here trying to wake up from this dream.

This past weekend was one I’ll never forget and partially never remember because I basically blacked out after I saw Steve on one knee but yes, that’s right…STEVE PROPOSED!

Now let’s be honest, every girl has pictured this moment in their head. That moment when you ever so cutely throw your hands over your mouth and start crying tears of joy while you listen to the most romantic words you’ve ever heard. Well, while my hands may have froze by my sides and I may have blacked out and missed the words, I wouldn’t change a single thing about the moment. 

From our first date 6.5 years ago to this past weekend’s proposal, Steve still knows how to give me butterflies and I couldn’t imagine anyone else I would want to journey through this life together with. I can’t wait to marry my best friend and man of my dreams one day:)

Ok, ok I’ll stop with the mushy stuff and rewind back to this past weekend.

The Proposal Story

Flashback to Monday morning of last week.

Steve texted me about doing a date night Friday. “Sure, I’m in. Where should we go?” I said. Since we’ve both been trying to save a little money lately to travel and do other things, he suggested we go to the park for a glass of wine and then I could pick where we did dinner. “Perfect, I’m in”.

Fast forward to Friday morning.

Steve heads off to work a little earlier than I do so shortly after he leaves he texted me and said “hey, I found somewhere else for dinner tonight. It’s a little fancy so you may want to wear a dress.” I realize now he knew I wouldn’t have wanted to be wearing the pencil skirt and top knot bun I was sporting when he left for work that morning so that little trickster got me to change and actually do my hair for work. 

The day goes on like any other. Steve shoots me another text asking me to meet him straight at the park because the restaurant only had a 6:30pm reservation so we wouldn’t have time to go home first. At this point it’s slightly drizzling so he suggests I take a cab, but me being me says “that’s ok, it’s only a 35 minute bus ride”…opps. 

I get off the bus and walk to the park to find Steve sitting on a blanket staring at my favorite view of the city with a bag next to him. He pulls out two wine glasses, rain coats and an umbrella just in case (always thinking ahead!) and a bottle of wine. He then looks at me worried and says “wait, I didn’t realize this wasn’t a twist off cap. I didn’t bring a bottle opener. Well, guess we’ll just head to the restaurant early then.” So I grab my work bag and the umbrella and start to walk towards the street while Steve acts like he’s packing up the wine bag. I turn around to ask if we should grab a cab and instead find him down on one knee. 

He says my full name (and a few other words I can’t quite recall) and then opens a ring box where confetti flies out and there sits the ring. I quickly say “YES” and we both jump up to hug and kiss in excitement before even putting on the ring…we couldn’t help it hah. 

I then hear a camera lens flashing to turn around and see our dear friend Emily had captured the whole moment on camera. 

Play by play below;)

engagementthe proposalthe proposal
Oh don’t worry it’s not over yet;)

Just when I thought my heart was at max capacity for the amount of love I felt in this moment, Steve tells me we have to head over to make our dinner reservation still. We hop in a cab and are both still gushing over the moment. We pull up outside of the Knickerbocker hotel downtown and walk in to find 30 of our closest friends and family waiting for us to celebrate! To say my heart skipped another beat would be an understatement, it literally popped out of my chest and onto the floor. It was beyond the most amazing moment and to be surrounded by all our family and friends both near and far was unbelievable. We continued the celebration all weekend long and Steve and I both are still slowing stepping back into reality.

From the proposal of my dreams to now marrying the man of my dreams, this weekend was beyond incredible and I can’t wait to share all my wedding adventures with you all! Thank you to all our friends and family who helped Steve plan the perfect proposal and who celebrated with us on a night we’ll never forget!

P.S. the matching outfits were completely unplanned as he wasn’t wearing that to work in the morning. Guess it was meant to be;)

engagement engagement

Photography by Emily Newman

What’s your dream proposal? Recently engaged? Got any tips of where to start wedding planning? Share below.

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