6 Tips for the Perfect Food Shot

food photographyIt’s almost the holiday weekend which means fireworks, patriotic colored outfits and lots of food. From backyard BBQs to shrimp boils and a birthday cake, my weekend is going to be full of celebration and my tummy is going to be full of food.

This weekend I’m heading home for the 4th of July holiday and to celebrate my 25th birthday with my family and friends.

Did someone just say 25? Woah, pump the breaks.

Seems like yesterday I was turning 21 but really, yesterday I got referred to as “boss” by three different people. Boss? I’m not a boss I just graduated college….3 years ago.

Man, where does the time go?

Although 24 flew by in what felt like a blink of an eye, it was one amazing year. This is where I would normally list all the amazing things that happened this past year, but it’s Friday people…which means time for a cocktail not a novel post.

So let’s get to the post! This past weekend I attended the most fabulous food photography workshop and am sharing some of my top takeaways and pointers below.

food photographyP.S. How great is this shot by Anna Petrow of me behind the camera for a change;)

food photographyUse Your Ingredients

The best way to style your photos is by using your ingredients. Whether you pre-measure everything in pretty dishes or dress up your dish with a few items on the side. Use your ingredients as photo props.

Add Surfaces

Think outside the typical counter shot. Add cutting boards, dish towels or even a marble slab to add contrast and layers of surfaces to your photos.

food photographyGet in on the Action

Everyone loves a good food shot but get the shot with the food being prepped and minds will be blown. I love this shot of Chef Elaina Vasquez sprinkling some garnishes on top. It makes the dish look even more drool-worthy!

Find Your Angle

The most important part about a food shot is figuring out what your angle will be. Will it be an overhead shot of the whole table or a close up showing every detail of the dish or maybe even a side shot with a little sneak peak of the dish being featured. Think outside the typical shot that of the dish straight on to get the perfect shot.

food photography

Don’t be Afraid to Look Silly

Sometimes to get that perfect shot you have to stand on a chair and have all your friends put a hand over their dish before eating it. Yup, been there, done that and had my friends laugh at me but at the end of the day that shot was golden and so worth the 5 seconds of embarrassment;)

Add Color and Contrast

Last but not least, be sure to add color to your dish with garnishes or spices. Everyone loves a perfectly seared salmon but would this dish below really be as pretty if it didn’t have a few pops of color and perfectly ribboned cucumbers on top? Be sure to make your dish photo ready with color and garnishes before shooting.

food photography

Special thanks to rewardStyle, Brique Chicago and Anna Petrow for such a lovely event!


Any big plans for the holiday weekend? What are your favorite food shots? Any tips for getting that perfect shot?

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