DIY Flower Gallery Wall

DIY Flower Wall

The sun is shining the weekend is getting started and the flowers are still being made for this gallery wall…

The other week when one of my favorite websites, Best Friends for Frosting, reached out in regards to partnering for a fun DIY post, I immediately jumped the gun and pitched the idea of a “DIY Paper Flower Wall”!

It was one of those moments when you think “This is awesome. Great idea. You’re going to knock this post out of the park!” and then you get all your materials, start making the first one and an hour later think to yourself “What did I just do?”.

Yup, that was me with this post and flower backdrop wall idea.

No one warns you how much work these really are. So here I am. …and here’s your WARNING.

DIY Flower Wall

We’ve all seen the paper flower backdrop walls, right? And we’ve all looked them up on etsy and had our jaws drop when we saw a price tag of over $200 for one. $200? They should be charging $2,000. These things are equivalent to building a boat.

No, I’ve never built a boat before but I know the story of Noah’s Ark and I’d say it’s a lot of work.

So a few hours later and 2 flowers down, I decided to rethink this huge flower wall and came up with a solution of a flower gallery wall that is perfect for a summer cocktail backdrop or a photo wall at your next summer event!

I’ll admit, it’s still a lot of work but if you were to sell it on etsy you could keep it under $200;)

For easy step by step instructions, see photos below and visit the post on Best Friends for Frosting here.

DIY Flower Wall DIY Flower Wall DIY Flower Wall DIY Flower Wall DIY Flower Wall

Ever attempted a paper flower wall? What are you favorite ways to dress up a cocktail bar?

Shoot Location: DL Loft

Photography by: Jeena Studios

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