DIY Floral Mother’s Day Cake

Mother's Day Cake

Is there such thing as a photo addiction? Like someone who wants to catch every moment on camera so she can relive it over and over again. I’m asking for a friend…

This past weekend was one of the most photogenic and memorable weekends. My older brother and (new) sister-in-law said “I do” in a beautiful tulip inspired scenery, followed by a confetti showered last dance. It was absolutely breathtaking and I was trying to capture every moment and detail of it on camera so I could re-live the night over and over again.

Mother's Day CakeMother's Day Cake

Yes, that means I have scrolled through all the photos multiple times since the big day and maybe even watched a few of the videos again more than once.

But, how could I not when every little detail was perfectly planned out and the smile on all of our friends’ and family’s faces were beyond priceless. I can’t even remember the last time I was in the same room with so many people who mean the world to me and have been there for most of my life.

Kisses here, catch up sessions there and hugs all around. It reminded me that no matter how busy life can get, nothing beats the love of family and friends.

Cue the tears.

Mother's Day Cake

Ok, not really but when it comes to family my parents get all the credit. From my uber creative and math wiz dad to my diy and sweets loving mom, these two mean the world to me and I couldn’t think of anyone else that I would rather celebrate this weekend than my mom (and all the other amazing moms out there)!

So I’ve created the perfect last minute cake with the amazingly talented and fabulous, Carolyn of The Bread and Butterfly for your Mother’s Day celebration. The best part is it’s super easy, but looks really fancy;)

Mother's Day Cake

And speaking of photo addiction, how amazing are these photos shot in the DL Loft by Jeenna Studios. are definitely worth the photo overload. I don’t know if there is such thing as too many photos in a blog post, but if there is then these photos was definitely worth breaking the rules!

DIY Floral Cake

DIY Floral Chocolate Covered Cake


-6″ frosted pre-made cake

Chocolate Fudge Topping

-Flowers of your choice

  1. Pour chocolate fudge in a microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 second intervals until warm enough to easily stir.
  2. Using a large tablespoon, slowly pour fudge along top edge of cake in generous amount to create dripping effects. Step by step photos below.
  3. After dripping all around the edge pour a few spoonfuls in the top center of the cake and using the spoon, spread to the edges to cover top with chocolate.
  4. Let chocolate set while you cut down the stems of the flowers to 3-4 inches leaving enough to push into cake.
  5. Starting with the tallest flower, insert flowers into cake create a dome shape and filling in with small filler flowers.
  6. Once the top is to your liking, add a few flowers to the bottom side of the cake for an added touch.

DIY Floral Cake DIY Floral Cake DIY Floral Cake DIY Floral Cake Mother's Day Cake Mother's Day Cake Mother's Day Cake Mother's Day CakeMother's Day Cake Mother's Day Cake Mother's Day Cake Shoot Location: DL Loft

Photography by: Jeena Studios

Florals by: The Bread and Butterfly

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