Chicago Guide: Best Places for Pizza

Chicago Pizza

Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Chicago and pizza.

Growing up I was never really a big pizza person. I was the annoying child that didn’t eat red sauce. Then I went to college where pizza was handed out like flyers on the streets. And when you’re in college and you have to make adult decisions with your money, you take the free pizza so you can use your food money at the ATM to withdraw cover charge for the bar.

See, I was smart with my money. I made sure I didn’t spend it on food so I could go to the bars. Very adult-like of me, right?

Ok, ok all bad college decisions aside and fast forward to moving to Chicago where I discovered my love for pizza. Maybe it’s because it’s not the free pizza that was usually cold and had been sitting out for hours in our dorm lobby but actually mouth watering and creative flavor combo pizza.

Feta, goat cheese, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomato sauce, thin crust..

The topping possibilities are endless and so are the options of where to get your pizza here in Chicago so I’ve rounded up my top choices for pizza here in the city below!

Chicago pizzaBake425 Farmer’s Market Pizza

Bake425 Sometimes you want to go out for dinner and other nights a night in with a glass of wine and slice of pizza is the way to go. This bake at home, farm to crust pizza is the perfect quick week night meal or Saturday date night in. Delivered to your doorstep with local, organic ingredients and seasonal flavors these artisanal pizzas are a must-try!

Giordano’s Nothing says Chicago like deep dish pizza and nothing says classic Chicago deep dish more than Giordano’s. If visiting from out of town and looking for a traditional deep dish spot near your hotel be sure to check out Giordano’s, known for their Chicago-styled stuffed pizza.

Bacino’s Deep dish minus the tourists plus great for delivery equals Bacino’s. This cozy little romantic pizza shop nestled in the heart of Lincoln Park serves up some of my favorite deep dish combinations in the city.

Homeslice There’s pizza and then there’s pizza with atmosphere. Homeslice offers unique flavor combinations on thin crust pizza with a killer atmosphere and selection of beers. This is my go-to spot for out of town guests looking for a fun, but delicious dinner.

  Chicago Pizza

Pequod’s Pizza There’s Chicago deep dish, then there’s Pequoad’s deep dish. Known for their caramelized crusts and lines that wrap around the building, this is a must try as they offer the best of both worlds with deep dish and thin crust options.

Dimo’s Mac & cheese, pringles, marshmallows, sweet potatoes, you name it and they put it on a pizza. If you’re looking for some crazy flavor combinations that will melt in your mouth, then Dimo’s is the place for you. Located in the heart of Wrigleyville this pizza shop spits out some of the most imaginative pizza toppings you could think of and best yet, it tastes awesome together!

What are you go-to pizza topping combinations? Deep dish or thin crust?

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